5 Nordés curiosities you may not have known

Gin lovers already know the main characteristics that define Nordés, a premium gin that pays homage to its land, Galicia, rich in natural aromas and exquisite flavours. All the people who try it agree on one sensation: it radically breaks with the preconceived ideas about gin. Its flavour allows you to live a unique, different experience, and, moreover, to update the frontiers of this legendary drink. 

But there are some not so well known curiosities about Nordés that also define the brand and are part of its essence. Pay attention to these curiosities that will help you to know better your companion of original appetizers, afterworks and sublime moments with friends and family.

  1. The Nordés story began with a meeting of friends in front of a plate of octopus

A renowned sommelier, winner of the Nariz de Oro award in 2004, a Galician wine entrepreneur and a master distiller began to dream of making a Galician gin, with ingredients from their land, that would be different from other gin brands. After many tests, they found the perfect formula to capture the essence of Galicia, giving birth to what today is the Nordés recipe.

  1. Where does the characteristic white Nordés bottle come from?

It is inspired by the traditional ceramics of Sargadelos, made in Galicia in a traditional way, which is distinguished by the singularity of its designs and the use of the colours white and blue. In the bottle we can distinguish several elements, such as the world map that places the Galician origin of Nordés and the compass rose, an evocative icon that speaks of the Atlantic character and the arrival of good weather. 

  1. Where is Nordés gin made?

Nordés gin is distilled in a small distillery located in San Miguel de Sarandón near Santiago de Compostela. An area bathed by the river Ulla that stands out for its natural beauty and for the production of excellent Galician eaux-de-vie.

  1. Process: Amodiño? One of the Galician expressions that gives most sense to Nordés

Amodiño means “to go slowly”, but it hides much more, as it defines a way of life. The elaboration process of Nordés is slow and quiet, to obtain a botanical gin, aromatic, with delicate touches of white fruit in harmony with balsamic notes. Amodiño is to enjoy the truly important things in life, appreciating each moment and making it our own. Amodiño is sublimating the everyday, is telling stories without hurrying, and listening to them, taking advantage of the moments with our own. Amodiño is in Galicia and its people, it is in its nature and also in the idea of Nordés, from the first day we created it, until today: we keep on working slowly, paying attention to every detail, with care, with passion, with attention, with love. 

  1. Albariño grape: wine alcohol distillate that makes Nordés so special 

This wine base provides more aroma and a slightly fruity touch, making Nordés a fresh, different and smooth Galician gin. Albariño is cultivated in the five sub-areas into which the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin is divided: Condado do Tea, O Rosal, Soutomaior and Val do Salnés, in the province of Pontevedra, and Ribeira do Ulla in the province of A Coruña. The climate and soil of these areas favour the production of this grape variety, which is very resistant to adverse weather conditions.