Made with care

From the valley of Ulla

Since its very beginning, the distillation of Nordés gin takes place in a small distillery located in San Pedro de Sarandón, near Santiago de Compostela. This area, crossed by the river Ulla, stands out for its natural beauty and for the production of excellent Galician spirits.

This know-how and the richness of the local raw materials were, undoubtedly, the inspiration to create this high-quality Atlantic Galician gin.

Botella de ginebra premium Nordés, Atlantic Galician Gin.
La receta de Nordés está compuesta por productos de la tierra gallega.

Soul of the product

Since the beginning, the creators of Nordés thought about a recipe made with natural ingredients from this area. That’s what makes the composition of Nordés gin unique.

The first difference is the alcoholic base, produced by using a portion of the Galician albariño grape, the soul of the product, from which our spirits wine distillate is obtained. This wine distillate stands out, without a doubt, for its subtle notes and white fruit aromas it imparts to the product.

11 natural botanicals

Next, the Nordés distillate is completed with the maceration of 11 botanicals, among which 6 wild Galician ones stand out most: sage, laurel, verbena herb, eucalyptus, peppermint, and a type of seaweed called glasswort, which give it its signature balsamic aroma.

It also incorporates 5 botanicals from overseas: juniper, ginger, cardamom, hibiscus flower, and black tea, which contribute subtle secondary notes that balance the final product.

  • Hojas de eucalipto
  • Planta hierbaluisa
  • Hojas de laurel
  • Hojas de menta
  • Planta salicornia
  • Hojas de salvia
Lento proceso de elaboración, amodiño, de manera sosegada, para conseguir una ginebra aromática.

A slow and careful process

An elaboration process that takes place ‘amodiño’, slowly and at a deliberate pace, to achieve an aromatic gin, with delicate touches of white fruit in harmony with balsamic notes. A perfect balance of fresh aromas, suggestive in the palate, that reveals a friendly product that is different from other fruity gins.

How is Nordés gin made is all about its land. A Galician gin produced with care from its origin, with the best natural ingredients.