Nordés Way of Saint James Limited Edition

Are you in love with Nordic gin? And the limited editions? You’re in luck. On the occasion of the Day of Saint James and Galicia, we have launched the Nordés Way of Saint James  Limited Edition, a bottle with an illustration of the pilgrim’s shell, the most universal and representative symbol of the Way of Saint James.

Nordés walks the Way of Saint James

The design of the bottle of this premium Galician gin is one of our hallmarks. Therefore, on such an important date for Nordés, we wanted to pay tribute to Galicia for the second consecutive year by incorporating motifs that link us to the Way of Saint James into our renown bottle.

The Nordés Way of Saint James Limited Edition claims its origin in Galicia, the land where it was born, and will travel through the Galician establishments and supermarkets where the pilgrims pass by along the 7 ways of Saint James. A precious object of desire for the collectors that, in addition, will be available online in the Osborne website.

But… do you know where does the characteristic Nordés bottle come from?

Our bottle is inspired by a ceramic made in a handmade way in Sargadelos (Lugo) and it is distinguished by the singularity of the use of white and blue colours. In the bottle, the world map, which places the origin of this Galician gin and the compass rose, the breeze that gives it its name and announces the arrival of the good weather: the Nordés wind, stands out.

From Nordés we invite you to celebrate next July 25th with your new Nordés Way of Saint James Limited Edition and a very simple but very special gin recipe made to pay tribute to Galicia:“Bico de Mar” (Kiss of the Sea). This gin cocktail includes an unexpected and very surprising ingredient: cockle water, a touch that seeks to recreate the taste left by the sea after a refreshing swim in the northern waters. This is an ingredient that enhances the aromas of the botanicals with which Nordés is made, especially salicornia, intensifying the saline nuances and pairing perfectly with the aromas from the alcoholic base of our gin.

Nordés is a different premium gin elaborated through a slow and very careful process to achieve a perfect balance of taste. Its fresh and smooth character makes it a unique gin. It is made with Galician Albariño grapes and eleven ingredients that participate in its maceration, the Nordés botanicals (mint, bay leaf, sage, salicornia, eucalyptus and lemon verbena, tea, juniper, ginger, hibiscus and cardamom).