What does a gin and tonic taste like in the Atlantic? Which tapa maridates best?

We all agree that Nordés gin is a premium gin, a unique but simple proposal perfect for all those who know what they want. It is the authentic Nordés atlantic galician gin. It breaks with the preconceived ideas of other gins like the waves of the Atlantic, redefining their borders. Everything that comes from Galicia has a magical touch, evokes the place where the meigas live, where the bad burns and the good is attracted. It’s a place that takes us to the forest, to the seashore and transports us to the ocean, the sea breeze and nature. Nordés is the Galician gin that manages to take us to the land of the end of the world with a simple drink.

Its composition, based on albariño grape and combined with 11 wild and overseas Galician botanists, gives it a 100% native taste. It is aromatic, but smooth. It is simple, but complex at the same time. Many of the lovers of this premium gin have told us their feeling when tasting it or why it is their favourite: “It tastes like grapes”, “it is slightly floral”, “it has a touch of aromatic herbs”, “it brings me a breath of the sea”… They all agree in one thing… They don’t know exactly what it is, but they know it’s Nordés!

Many times, when we meet to have some gin cocktails, some tapas with the family or to prepare an afterwork with colleagues, we don’t know what to accompany a Nordés with, which foodstuff is better… If the textures, aromas and flavours are harmonised, the experience will be much more sensational. Thanks to the soft and fresh taste of Nordés, it is very easy to create that sought-after balance.

Nordés maridates perfectly with fresh dishes and cold soups such as gazpachos, melon or cucumber soup, ajoblanco… Also with pickles, with which there is an explosion of flavours with the counterpoint of the spices and the strength of the gherkin, the olives or the anchovies… Because of its Galician origin, there is nothing better than a glass of Nordés to accompany a tapa of Galician seafood or any recipe made with fresh fish. If we also add a touch of citrus, it will combine perfectly with the aromas of wild herbs from the Nordés botanicals.

Below, we share with you a very simple recipe to marinate with Nordés: Salmon Sashimi marinated with Nordés and beetroot, irresistible! Don’t forget to accompany it with a Nordés Perfect Serve.

  1. Blend the beetroot and add the rest of the ingredients (brown sugar, Nordés, lime, juniper berries, dill bundle and cooking salt).
  2. Clean the salmon of bones and skin. Place it on a tray and add the above-mentioned smoothie.
  3. Leave to marinate in the cold for 24 hours.
  4. For the beetroot tartare, place mayonnaise in a bowl and add beetroot, spring onion and chives. We mix it and keep it cold.
  5. Add a few drops of the beetroot tartar to the salmon.
  6. Decorate with AOVE, freshly ground black pepper and a sprig of fresh dill.