A stellar recipe to celebrate and toast this Valentine’s Day: Aviation Nordés

Valentine’s Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate love with your partner and to toast to all the good times you’ve had and will have in the future. To celebrate this special day, we have prepared a stellar cocktail with a great story behind it: Aviation Nordés! If you have never tried this wonderful cocktail, […]

Celebrate this Christmas with Nordés punch

Christmas is here and today we are bringing you a new idea straight from the Basque Culinary Center to surprise all your guests, with the always aromatic and refreshing taste of Nordés. Christmas punch originated in India and its name in Hindi is pãc. This word means “five” and refers to the number of ingredients […]

This Christmas, 11 Nudos Terraza Nordés brings the best Atlantic flavours

The long-awaited Christmas season is here and with it the traditional Christmas meals with family, friends and workmates. We are looking forward to it! 11 Nudos Terraza Nordés, our new rooftop in the Mercado de San Antón in the heart of Madrid’s Chueca district, brings you a very special and varied proposal with four different […]

The new Nordés Gin & Tonic pack will become your Christmas treat

Are you looking for an original gift idea or do you want to treat yourself this Christmas? At Nordés we have the perfect option for both Nordés Lovers and gin lovers.   The new Nordés Gin&Tonic pack is ideal for anyone who wants to surprise their guests with the best Gin Tonic or cocktail this Christmas.  […]

11 Nudos Terrace Nordés, the new restaurant in Madrid with an Atlantic flair and a contemporary soul

We can finally give you the great news!  Fresh air has arrived in Madrid with the opening of 11 Nudos Terrace Nordés: the new rooftop of the capital located in Mercado de San Antón. A terrace to share as never before your sublime moments with Nordés and savour a cuisine with the best Atlantic influences. […]

The best cocktails for winter nights with Nordés

November is here now, and with it, chilly evenings. What could be better than having some friends around after work for a nice homemade cocktail? Today’s two premium gin cocktail suggestions pair beautifully with evening get-togethers and dinner with friends. Two simple Nordés gin cocktails for you to showcase your creative bar skills! The intriguing […]

Nordesiño, the fashionable appetizer, has a Galician flavour and its own routes in A Coruña

11 to 24 October They say that the best things are always left for last and in Nordés we welcome the autumn with the last Nordesiño Route of the year. This time, in A Coruña, a city that we are very excited about because of our Galician origins.  After being held in Malaga, Valencia and […]