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5 ways to tell the difference between a premium gin and a standard gin


Choosing a premium gin is no easy task, especially since there are increasingly more and better gin brands appearing on the market. But have you ever asked yourself why some gins seem more sophisticated while others struggle to evoke any sort of pleasure on the palate?

The answer is simple: the quality of the final product depends on the process by which it is made. This includes the ingredients, the fermentation processes, and the number of distillations, among a range of other factors that all add up to mark the difference between a premium gin and a standard one.

Ingredients that make up a premium gin

Gin is a distilled beverage made from plant-based alcohol, with the main flavouring being juniper. If it does not contain juniper, it cannot be considered gin.

The neutral base spirit is obtained from raw materials rich in sugars, such as cereals, sugar cane or grapes. The vast majority of gin brands opt for cereals. In fact, in the case of Nordés, its base comes from Galician grapes, giving it a distinct touch and a completely different aroma right from the start.

Do the ingredients influence the quality of the gin? Of course! In addition to the quality of the ingredients, as with any recipe, gins call for a very meticulous production process, ensuring that all the ingredients are of the highest possible quality. For instance, when you have guests in your home, you probably treat them to your best tableware and recipes, right? Well, at Nordés, you are always our guests and so we work hard to ensure that each product offers a unique quality.

In short, a good gin will always try to bring out more complex aromas and flavours, going a step beyond the classic juniper. Standing out from the crowd is an essential factor.

Fermentation, a unique process in every premium gin

The water used to ferment the gin plays a key role, marking the first difference between a premium gin and a normal one. In fact, some of the best gin brands, such as Nordés, set themselves apart by using water of greater purity, sourced from iconic locations and/or related to their brand values and projections.

Why the number of distillations matters

While it may surprise you, a premium gin and a standard gin undergo the same distillation process. The difference lies in the number of distillations, which is greater in a premium gin (it effectively removes traces of water or unwanted substances and enhances the aromas and flavours).

Different flavours, a quality gin for every palate

There is a wide variety of gins to choose from, thanks to the diversity and quantity of ingredients used to flavour them:

Made solely with juniper and alcohol of agricultural origin. Here, the classic flavour predominates.

The more acidic aromas prevail in this type of gin, with these being made with orange, lemon, mandarin, lime or grapefruit.

Herbal or botanical:
In this gin, we can discern herbal notes such as mint, basil, rosemary or thyme.

With flavours and aromas of lilies, roses, violets, geranium or jasmine.

With flavours such as cinnamon, pepper, angelica root or nutmeg that confer a very particular taste. Not suitable for all palates.

This gin is generally made with red fruits and/or berries. Usually grape, strawberry or apple. It has a milder and sweeter taste than the others.

Design, a distinguishing feature of the best gin brands

Having spoken about production processes, distillation, aromas… It may seem banal to now focus on design, but a product’s appearance can tell you a lot about the quality of what is inside.

The bottle of a good gin has to reflect its personality through the careful interplay of shapes, colours and materials. Nordés gin is a prime example with its characteristic white bottle inspired by the traditional ceramics of Sargadelos, handcrafted in Galicia and renowned for the uniqueness of its designs and colours.

Choosing Nordés implies opting for a unique and independent design over a predictable, mass-produced one. And the same goes for its aroma and taste. There are many top gin brands that seek to differentiate themselves, but none compare to the essence of Nordés: turning simple moments into sublime ones.

Now that you know the 5 ways to differentiate a great gin from a standard one, you will surely appreciate the importance of choosing a gin with depth and sophistication. Check out the range of Nordés products, there’s one for every special occasion.

How gin is made

How gin is made


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