Tapas to make at home and to prepare with a Nordesiño

In this atypical year we have spent more time at home than we would have liked, and we have taken advantage of it to practice some of those hobbies to which we never dedicate the necessary amount of time. One of them is cooking. We have dared to make both elaborate recipes and easy but delicious tapas to share with our family and friends. In fact, it is now part of our daily routine to go and have an aperitif in our living room or, for those who are luckier, outside in the terrace, with those we like to spend our time with the most. A short while ago, we introduced you the ideal option for an original aperitif, Nordesiño, the drink with a touch of Nordés gin and albariño that turns this moment into a sublime, fresh and smooth experience.

If you are also one of those people who dare with cooking, today we want to propose to you a series of appetizers to surprise your guests and practice at home.  Take note of these easy star tapas prepared by chefs Mario Sandoval (2 Michelin stars) and José Carlos García (1 Michelin star).

Mini Bravo Bull Burger (45 minutes) – Mario Sandoval

Season the meat with salt, pepper, Jaipur curry, sparkling water,  minced garlic and parsley. Remove well and shape it with the help of a mould. Cook in a frying pan using medium heat for 3 minutes on each side.

Cut the onion into brunoise and cook it over a low heat. Once it is cooked, add the wine and let it reduce. Finally, add the sugar and strain. First add the hamburger to the bread and then include the onion confit.

White garlic with pine nuts (60 minutes) – Jose Carlos García

We add all the ingredients one by one inside a container. Shake the mixture at maximum speed until we get a creamy texture. Place the mango and pine nuts in the base and gradually add the garlic cream.

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