Get your personalized and unique Nordés bottle, an exclusive gift with the name you choose

This Christmas is going to be different to all the previous ones. Many of us may not be able to get together for the holidays this year in the way we are used to, but that does not mean that it is not a time of celebration, magic and excitement.

From Nordés we want to send you the optimism to think about better times and at the same time, we don’t want you to miss a very special gift to remember these Christmas: our customized bottle. It can be either a very exclusive self-gift with your own name, or a detail you want to have with that special person you love or miss since you have not been able to meet taht much because of the circumstances. Martiño, Isabeliña, Lauriña, Juaniño, Estefiña… which one do you like best? Are you already thinking about how your name would look like with this Galician diminutive?

This ending, so popular and used by the Galicians, the land and origin of our Galician gin, has a very loving connotation. Galicians normally use it to call someone they love and also to make diminutives. But perhaps you prefer to use your favourite Galician word. There are two other ones that we love ?

Riquiño: It’s not beautiful, it’s not ugly, it’s sweet! It also serves to refer affectionately to a small child.

Morriña: A universal sentiment widely used this difficult year for all those who have been away from home or family: home sickness. This way of feeling, to which Rosalía de Castro sang, is used by all Galicians who miss being away from their land.

We wish you the best of luck in this very special contest. To participate, we encourage you to go to the Instagram and Facebook profile of Nordés!

Good luck!

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