Nordés Bico do Mar

cockail_bico_do_mar_botellaThe 25th of July is Galicia Day, a celebration of the land of our roots which is the essence of Nordés and which lends us its signature aroma.

This holiday has inspired the birth of “Bico do Mar”, “Kiss of the Sea” in English, the recipe developed by Nordés to pay homage to Galicia on such a special day. One of the most boldly Atlantic cocktails yet invented, “Bico do Mar” aims to reproduce the flavor and the freshness the sea leaves on your lips after a dip in northern waters.

This cocktail will take you straight to the Galician coast thanks to its surprise ingredient: cockle juice, one of the most exquisite products from Galicia’s estuaries.

This special ingredient enhances the floral aromas with which Nordés is made, especially glasswort, intensifying the saline nuances and pairing perfectly with the aromas coming from our gin’s alcohol base.

Without a doubt, “Bico do mar” is the ideal choice for your summertime aperitif. Ready to give the recipe a try?


– 8 cl of Nordés

– 2 cl of Cointreau

– The juice from an 80 g tin of fresh cockles

– The juice from half a lime

– 2 cl of sage infusion

– 1.5 cl of liquid sugar

– A splash of cava


– Pink pepper

– Fresh glasswort


Pour all the ingredients in the order listed above, except for the cava, into a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and shake.

Next, pour into a Martini glass and top off with a splash of cava.

Finish by sprinkling on a dash of pink pepper and garnish with twig of glasswort.

*We strongly suggest using the highest quality fresh cockles such as those from the Real Conservera Española which, specifically, come from the Noia Estuary.


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