Five tools you need to make the perfect gin & tonic at home

There’s someone in every family and group of friends who takes care of making the post-meal gin & tonics, and who has earned the title of “expert barman.”

If you want to enjoy this task too, here’s the gin & tonic kit that you absolutely must have in your home to make the best cocktails with Nordés:


 1. A gin jigger

When it comes to making a gin & tonic, the proportions are one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. Being heavy-handed with the gin can completely ruin the cocktail. That’s why we recommend a jigger for measuring exact quantities. In the case of Nordés, 5 cl is just the right amount to enjoy the best gin & tonic.


2. A strainer

Perfect for getting rid of the water that’s left over after chilling the glass with ice, so the drink doesn’t get watered down.


3. Ice bucket

Essential to keep the ice cubes cold and insulated. Remember to serve Nordés in a wide glass with lots of ice to bring out the aromas in our gin.


4. A twisted mixing spoon

Important for mixing the ingredients in the gin & tonic correctly and getting a balanced flavor.


5. A good recipe

 They say that variety is the spice of life, which is why a good barman has to surprise us with new creations. In our section on recipes with Nordés gin, in addition to learning how to make our perfect serve, we offer a selection of our best cocktails to inspire you.

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