11 Nudos Terrace Nordés, the new restaurant in Madrid with an Atlantic flair and a contemporary soul

We can finally give you the great news! 

Fresh air has arrived in Madrid with the opening of 11 Nudos Terrace Nordés: the new rooftop of the capital located in Mercado de San Antón. A terrace to share as never before your sublime moments with Nordés and savour a cuisine with the best Atlantic influences.

11 Nudos Terrace ensures quality cuisine accompanied by cocktails with personality from the hand of Nordés. Definitely a plan that will be the new gastronomic “must” in the capital. 

 A gastronomic offer that combines tapas and a selection of dishes where honest food and market cuisine take precedence. In addition, creative cocktails are making their way into 11 Nudos Terraza with a variety of cocktails and the undisputed prominence of Nordés, whether in aperitif format, as is the case of Nordesiño, or as innovative and surprising cocktails with the Galician Gin.

Do you want to know where the originality of its name comes from?

The truth is that we wanted to refer to what it’s called “knots”, the units of speed used in sailing. This inspired us to come up with the name of the new terrace and combining this concept with the 11 botanicals used by Nordés, we finally gave life to 11 Nudos Terraza Nordés. A name that refers to the gentle breeze that caresses you on a walk along the beaches of Galicia. Just like the Nordés wind, which, in Galicia, heralds the good weather. 

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