Today we want to tell you the meaning of one of those Galician expressions that best explains Nordés:


It might be translated as “go slowly”, but it encompasses much more, as it defines a lifestyle that is often a part of us.

Amodiño means enjoying the truly important things in life, appreciating every moment and doing things your way. It’s telling stories slowly, listening to them, making the most of moments with friends and family and having fun along the way.

Amodiño is in Galicia and its people, in its nature and also in the idea behind Nordés, from the first day we created it until now. We continue to work slowly, taking our time, paying attention to every detail, with care, passion, attention and love. And when you work like that, relishing the process, it’s impossible not to enjoy the result.

Amodiño comes from the word “amodo” (slowly), but it’s not the same thing. The -iño suffix, so typical of Galicia, does a lot to change the meaning of a word, giving it a more personal, endearing quality. It’s a subtle difference that can completely change the idea behind a word, make it special. It’s this kind of detail that we put into Nordés. With the botanicals, the alcoholic base of Albariño wine and the slow and meticulous distillation process, we somehow add that special ingredients to our bottle in the hopes that when it reaches your hands, you too can enjoy that amodiño moment.



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