Don’t know how to prepare the perfect Gin Tonic? 5 Tips to make it happen

We know, you’re a gin and tonic fan! And enjoying a cold, refreshing and balanced one is one of the best things that can happen in a relaxing moment at home, either alone or with the best company. If you are the one who is usually in charge of preparing them at the after-dinner moment, please make a note of these essential utensils so that you can show off as you should.

– Gin measurer: essential to have the correct proportions of each ingredient and to ensure that the doses are exact.

– Ice cube tray: essential to keep the ice cold and prevent it from melting.

– Twisted spoon: ideal for mixing the ingredients well and achieving a balanced flavour.

Now it’s time to show off and claim the title of King of Gin and Tonics. The recipe for a gin and tonic prepared by Nordés is very simple, but for others to consider you a great guru, you should keep these five tips in mind:

– Ice: the key is that they should be very solid so that they don’t melt and stay cold. To avoid impurities, it is best to wash and freeze them freshly bought.

– The glass: its shape and quality are fundamental. We recommend using a wide glass, which will help to better appreciate the aroma of the drink.

– The temperature: Ideally, the tonic should be very cold.

– Ingredients: add them in order and little by little. First of all, always the ice cubes! Then add 5cl of Nordés Galician gin and 20cl of tonic (preferably neutral).

– Garnish and final touch: Add a skewer of three white grapes to reinforce the albariño nuances present in the gin.

Ready to enjoy and live a sublime moment!

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