#XacobeoExclusiveEdition, celebrate the Jacobean Year with us and this Special Edition

2021, a very special year for Galicia and for all pilgrims in love with the Camino de Santiago’s experience. Do you know why? We celebrate the Jacobean Year, a festival that only takes place when the day of the Apostle Santiago falls on Sunday and for which the Galicians and fans of the Camino have been waiting 11 years. This year, moreover, is beyond special…Due to the exceptional situation we have experienced in the pandemic, the Jacobean year will be extended throughout 2022!

Nordés didn’t want to miss this opportunity to pay tribute to our land and the Jacobean Year with the launch of an Exclusive Limited Edition. A unique design inspired by the Camino de Santiago that incorporates visual elements linked to this unique experience: the forests and mountains of Galicia; the Atlantic Ocean represented with a whale in the sea, the shell of the pilgrim as the most universal symbol of the route, the dove as an emblem of peace and the continuous walking during the night and day, as the pilgrims never interrupt their journey. A design that also pays tribute to the nature of the Camino and Galicia with special emphasis on the botanicals of the Galician forest with which Nordés is made.

We have no doubt that this new edition will travel the world, delighting Nordés lovers, collectors and fans of the experience. It will be available since October in supermarkets, specialised shops and Osborne’s online shop at www.osborne.es. In addition, pilgrims will be able to find it in the establishments and supermarkets they pass through during the Camino de Santiago.


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