The new Nordés campaign


Direct from Galicia comes the northeasterly (Nordés) wind, full of great sensations. It brings with it stories, fragments of our cherished land, that along the way give off the smells of nature, of sage, of the Atlantic, of magical places.

Like the wind, everyone who travels to that place where the land ends, comes back knowing it won’t be their last visit, and tells everyone of their experiences, drenched in new expressions, in simplicity and in the kindness of its people.

Nordés is Albariño grapes, eleven botanicals and, in essence, an Atlantic Galician gin, but most of all it’s enjoying life, taking in the small luxuries of Galicia, walking on the beach, finding yourself, reading on the nicest bench in the world and getting together with loved ones on a terrace. Nordés is Galicia.

And Galicia is easier to feel than to explain, but this time, with some help from the wind, we’ve gotten pretty close to its essence. We hope you enjoy it:


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