Nordés Gin: Galicia in a bottle

The history of Nordés Gin began with a friend’s meeting over a plate of octopus. A renowned sommelier, winner of the 2004 Nariz de Oro Award, a Galician wine businessman and a master distiller, began to dream of making a Galician Gin with ingredients from their land. 

After many tests, they found the perfect formula to capture the essence of Galicia, giving rise to Nordés premium gin in 2012.They carried out up to 300 tests to achieve the “taste of Galicia” in a bottle!

Nordés is made with an alcoholic base of Albariño wine and 11 botanicals. Each of them is macerated individually with a different duration depending on the exact aroma profile selected.This can take from a few hours to almost a month in some cases. The result is a distillate that is as balanced as possible. Refreshing, smooth, balanced and aromatic: a whole combination that gives rise to this premium gin whose name is a tribute to the NORDÉS wind that in Galicia announces the good weather.

Nordés has been conquering half the world with its natural elaboration and its aromatic nuances that sink their roots in the Atlantic and the Galician forests. The Albariño grape and its eleven botanicals know no boundaries. 

After reading this, shall we enjoy a sublime moment with Nordés?

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