The recipe for Nordesiño by the illustrator Saray Luis Martin

Saray Luis @dessinetas is a multi-faceted artist: she is an illustrator, dancer, fashion blogger… and, without a doubt, an exceptional collaborator for Nordesiño, the easy appetizer with a touch of gin and albariño.


In her illustrations, Saray Luis has reflected the steps to follow to achieve the perfect serve of Nordesiño (discover it here), besides the ingredients and the refreshing final result, always accompanied by a delicious tapa for the aperitif. In the first illustration, the artist has displayed the essential ingredients for the mixing: lots of ice, 25 ml of Nordés premium gin, 50 ml of albariño wine, 100 ml of tonic and a skewer with three white grapes to reinforce its fruity taste.


In addition, for the most perfectionist, a lemon twist with a freshly cut peel. All this being of course served in a Nordesiño glass along with a delicious tapa to open your mouth, either at home with friends or on a terrace. In the second illustration, Saray presents the step by step to achieve this refreshing final result.


Her designs for this recipe follow her eclectic and trendy style. She has been inspired by the main ingredients of the recipe and also by the taste sensation Nordesiño leaves in the mouth: soft, refreshing and fruity. Both illustrations are hand-painted with watercolour techniques.


We become witnesses of her art through her illustrations through her profile in Instagram @dessinetas and @sarayluismartin. The name of this profile came from the union of two words: dessin and ninetas (drawn dolls), a type of design that is the main feature of most of her designs and her Instagram feed that has almost ten thousand followers.

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