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The secrets of the Galician botanicals used in Nordés


Did you know that Nordés Galician gin is flavoured with 11 natural botanicals? And 6 of them grow wild in Galicia? The distilling process releases the aromas of these botanicals, allowing their character, flavour and aroma to transport us to the fresh simplicity of Galicia. Each plant is macerated separately before distilling, for as long as they need to release the intensity of their flavour. The process is long and slow or, as they say in Galicia, amodiño, each ingredient being handled with care to ensure optimum results.

A few interesting facts about the Galician botanicals used in Nordés:

Sage: Fresh and balsamic, sage has many health benefits and is also used in cooking. It has a bitter, faintly spicy aroma.

Bay: Fresh, intense, balsamic.  In addition to the flavour it imparts to many Galician dishes, this wild herb helps to improve digestion.

Lemon Verbena: Adds fresh, delicate, citrous tones. Lemon verbena was brought to Europe by the Spanish and Portuguese in the 17th century. Its Spanish name, Hierba Luisa, alludes to Maria Luisa de Parma, a queen of Spain.

Eucalyptus: Not a native species, this tree has an intense, balsamic fragrance. It is widely used to ease muscle and joint pain and to cure respiratory infections.

Peppermint: With its cool, refreshing aroma, peppermint is widely used in confectionery.  A hybrid species, common in English gardens, it grows well in damp soils, such as those of Galicia.

Glasswort: It is saltwort that brings reminiscences of the Atlantic air to Nordés gin & tonic. It thrives in tidal marshes and on coastal and boggy ground, and is also known as sea asparagus. Widely used in cooking, it has an intense, salty flavour.

How gin is made

How gin is made


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