This combination pays homage to our Galician roots and the Albariño grape base with which Nordés gin is made. It’s a special, simple suggestion to mix up at home, perfect for toasting with friends and family during these magical holidays.



35 cl of Nordés Gin

Juice from four limes

1 l of white tea infusion

Brown cane sugar or liquid stevia

20 fresh fennel leaves

20 mint leaves

20 sage leaves

8 slices of ginger

12 white grapes



In a punch bowl or a large bowl, serve 35 cl of Nordés, the juice from four limes, the ginger slices, the grapes, and the fennel, mint, and sage leaves, and crush everything together with a pestle. Next, add the white tea infusion mixed with 14 teaspoons of brown sugar or 55 drops of liquid stevia. Finally, let it cool in the refrigerator at least two hours before serving.